I just returned from our family’s annual Summer trip. Every year we like to go someplace we’ve never been, and instead of Europe, Asia, or South America, we decided to explore our own country. We packed up and flew out west to British Columbia. We spent time in Whistler where we visited the fabulous Audain Art Museum. The boys fished while the girls went trail riding in Birkenhead Lake. We also enjoyed several rounds of golf (despite the lack of visibility due to smoke). In Vancouver we visited the amazing collection at the Museum of Anthropology, golfed at both Shaughnessy and Capilano (big highlights of the trip) and saw a great David Milne show at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Then we were off to the Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) to go salmon fishing.

Every morning we would get up at 6:00am, grab our gear, and head out to fish. We did quite well and my son even managed to reel in a 31.5 pound Chinook salmon (otherwise known as a Tyee)! The surroundings were beautiful and we also visited an old Haida village called Kiusta, and saw the remnants of the long houses and mortuary poles (it’s now an archaeological site). I couldn’t help but being reminded of Emily Carr.

I’ve been to a lot of different countries in my life, but I always enjoy coming home to Toronto. Just like Dorothy says! When you travel, no matter how beautiful your destination is, it still makes you appreciate having roots in Toronto. From the many different neighbourhoods, to the cultures and people, from the excellent schools to the beautiful parks and ravines, there really is no other place like it in the world.


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