It’s quite interesting to look at what cities used to look like compared to what they look like now. Lots of things are the same – streets, areas known for shopping, parks and ravines. However, lots of things change – buildings are transformed (Summerhill LCBO used to be a railway station), condominiums appear where there were houses or parking lots, and neighbourhoods develop. Midtown has changed a lot over the past several decades with transportation advancement and new developments popping up. It will continue to transform with the addition of the Eglinton Crosstown Subway Line (LRT) across Eglinton Avenue.

OldTO is a website project that collects older photos (from the late 19th century all the way to present day) and plots them on a map so you can see how streets in your area and around the city used to look. Here’s some photos from the site that I’ve tried to duplicate to compare views. See if you can figure out where they are from the older photo!

1) Here are the full past and present pictures from the above photo! Scroll down for the current photo and to see where it is.

This is located at Avenue Road and Kilbarry Road. It looks very much the same today, with a few changes to the intersection where the entrance into UCC is, where my son goes to school.


2) The house in this photo from 1913 looks essentially identical today, although it might be hard to tell at first glance because now there are a lot more trees hiding the rest of the homes on this street. Scroll down for the current photo and to see where it is.

This is the northeast corner of Maple Avenue and Dale Avenue. The original was taken in 1913 and this little area looks quite similar today.


3) The house in this photo from 1937 has changed quite a bit but there are distinct features that are still the same. Scroll down for the current photo and to see where it is.

This is in Forest Hill Village, at the southeast corner of Elderwood Drive and Glenayr Road. Lots of changes to the home but a few distinct features are the same.


4) This photo taken in 1939 is an easy one for those familiar with Forest Hill – aside from a small addition this building looks the same. Scroll down for the current photo and to see where it is.

This is the Grace Church on the Hill, which is actually my family’s church, located at Russell Hill Road and Lonsdale Road. The entrance has been redone with an addition.



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